06 November 2010

I Am Miss Strong!


The fucking feeling I have right now is not the same like before. Maybe I fucking realized that I am the one who being so fucking over about my own fucking feeling. I fucking realized it just now, a few minutes ago. First fucking bullshit thing I should do is forgetting about him, hundred percent! Should I do this? Damnn it! I'm fuckingg tired, he didn't take any fucking response at all, AT ALL! If he say "hey", I will say "hey" back, oh bitch, what the hell am i talking about right now. Yes you, AAA, my fucking feeling? Don't you fucking see it? Just say it fucking out loud that you don't like me at all or fucking bullshit moron much easier "Ehh, i sebenarnya tak suka you langsung!". Don't worry, at least I will cry for three days. Why am i being so fucking emotional?! BULLSHIT! I'm fucking whore out :)

Seriously, don't you realized that I like you so fucking damnn much?
Sorry, for all the fucking words, I'm a sinner :)