04 November 2010

Craziest Day(!)

Yesterday is the craziest day ever(!). Sambil hentak-hentak kaki dekat lantai(!)

I went to Arna's house around 2.30, her sister, Kak Ya's at home. But, I'm extremely shy to say "hye" to her because she is Air Asia flight attendant (takda kena mengena). Arna's asked me to get into his room. She switch on her laptop and yes, I'm on the line. Nampak Dolah online, nak webbie dengan Dolah's but he said he didn't take a bath, ciss, kalau Arna's nak webbie dengan you, lajuu je kann, hehh -,- I ingat Dolah's, takpe takpe. *Bukan nak sangat webbie dengan Dolah's, Arna's yang ******* :)

Then, AAA on the line, woot(!) woot(!). I'm the one who say "hye" first. Err, it's okay, maybe. We have a short chat for a few minutes than he off the line. Nak lepak Maju katanyaa, so, I asked my girls to lepak at Maju juga but they still want to go to KFC. Okay, fine. Go to KFC around 5, like what the hell?! Boringg gila bodohh lepak kat situu, nak gelak kuat-kuat pun salah, kalau kat Maju, senang je, Mamak-Mamak tu pun tarik kerusi lepak sekali -,- right Mia's?
Seriously, when "she" is invited or whatever, I will never ever follow anymore.

Around 6.30, we went to Pasar Malam with Iqa's Toyota's Camry. Mia's told me that she saw AAA last week so, I asked Iqa's to drive us there. About nine peoples in a car! Gilaa, sampai riuh-rendah kereta tuu, nasib baik tak goyang-goyang. The main point go to Pasar sebab nak jumpa AAA, oh my God, Najah, can you just wake up from your daydreaming? (takboleh, takboleh). Mia's asked me to crossed my fingers, harap harap jumpa AAA.

But still, tak jumpa, let him go. Mia's said jangan regret kalau tak jumpa dia. Yes, I didn't :)
I saw Dolah's with I don't know, a guy wearing a cap, duhh.
He waved at me, so do I, kita kan kawann :)

I mean it guys, when "she" show up or get invited, I will never ever follow, swear to God!
I hate you Bitch(!), don't make me put you on my haters list, be nice and talk nice!