29 November 2010

Holiday Routine

Err, holiday routine? Nothing much, well, I'm going to start with weekdays :)

-6.30 , Subuh, of coursee :)
-7.00, Continue sleeping
-8.30, Wake up, morning sunshine :)
-9.00, Kemas rumah, I'm the eldest sister, so, I need to do all the chores.
-11.00, I'm going mengaji with my sibs, it's cool you know?
-11.30, Done with menggaji, Mama fetch us, hooraayyyyyyy!
-12.00, Helping mama cooking for lunch!
I loike it, it's time when mother-daughter talk begin
-12.30, I do some quick form five revision, future first, that what Farel said :)
-1.00, LUNCHH timee!
-2.00, Zuhur, Watching TV, Onlineee till I get bored, screaming and sleeping :D
-5.00, Asar, Well, usually this time abang pergi main bola, mama ntah ke mana
I stuck at home -,-
-7.00, DINNER TIMEEE! Err, lauk yang sama sudahh, I'm on diet :)
-8.00, Maghrib, Form five revision, damnn, tak sukaa.
But I'm done with Science and Ekonomi, kacangg!
-9.00, I'm done with book, now, I need to relax my mind, ONLINEEEEEEEEEE!
-11.00, I watch television but depend on the on air programmed :)
-12.00, Sleep*but I used to sleep early kalau takda benda nak buat or emo :D

Sometimes I tertinggal solat, err, malas betul nak sembahyang kalau dahh penat :(
*Aizad cakap my life macam dekat kem askar, makan & tidur ada timing, dia sukaaa, HAHA