29 November 2010

Upcoming Plans

Well, I'm stuck at home this holiday. I guess there is no more family vacation, the big family vacation, i mean. Maybe, we just going back to hometown since I always ask Mama to do so. I miss my uncles, a lot. I' waiting 4th December is like waiting the moon to fall. Fuhhhh, I can't wait to meet them, lagi lagi, my aunt future-husband will "merisik" her on this 4th Dec and that is the reason why I need to get back to hometown. Balik kampung boleh text Aizad pagi sampai ke malam, I relax je, satu kerja dapur pun takpayah buat, jadi MEM besar lah nampaknya :D

OUTING PLAN? Mengikut plan yang saya sendiri buat, me and my girls will hanging on this upcoming 16th Dec, lama lagi? Tak lah, waiting is wort it :) Aizad habis exam on 15th Dec so, the next day boleh lah dia join us pergi Sunway maybe with his gang, kan you? Don't forget to buy that thing that you already promise :D WINK WINK

Maju-ing? YEAYYY! This Friday :) Anwar going to treat me two teh aiss and also roti telur. Aizad & Dolah will join us. Well, you guys are all invited. Err, I mean my girls :)