24 November 2010


This entry is depend on the chat box entry :) Well, agak panjang as you can see. Totally busy last night with Aizad, Arna, Nabilah and Dolah chat. Err, Dolah? Yup, kitaorang dah kawan balik, he start the conversation first, he said "hey" maybe, if I not wrong, forget already. Then, I said "huh? Buat apa nak kawan dengan I, I tolong kan tak ikhlas". Okay, i mad at him mula mula than he said sorry and apology is ACCEPTED! Lain kali jangan bagi I pissed off lah Dolah, kan free free kena dengan I, nanti I jumpa you, I sekeh sekeh you. Arna, about Hazwan, okay, i don't know so much as you know him. But, when he came to my house for the whatever things it is, he look damnn arrogant, takdalah handsome mana, nak je aku hentak dengan deck abang tuu. Act, I don't like you be friend with him, I'm sorry but I think when you end the friendship it's like the best decision you ever made. One thing, about Adam Like Cereal, did he look damnn gorgeous with new hair? God! I want to watch his video, show me when i come to your house soon, I miss you
Back to Aizad chat, as you guys can see, a long chat actually. But, the part i like the most is when he gave me double love

*Arna, Dolah cakap "I miss her so much duh, seriously". He miss you so much :) WINK WINK