25 November 2010

The Best Drummer

OH MY GOD! It's have been a long time I forget Cory La Quay after I get involve with K-pop thing. Before this I'm more to hard music, but I'm not that addict type like the other boys right now. Baru nak up, or abang selalu cakap "poser". I know the meaning, teenagers sekarang nie kan cepat terpengaruh with music, sekejap indie, sekejap nie, sekejap tuu. Totally, miserable. Choose one and get loyal with it. Seriously, I love Cory the most when I listen to the hard music and for sure I like A Skylit Drive the most. I love Cory fashion style and his skills playing drum, damnn itt! terpusing pusing drumstick dia buat. maybe, some of you will choose other veteran band drummer but for me, I still stuck with Cory la Quay drum skill, THE BEST!