25 November 2010


This entry about my family vacation last week, at Port Dickson. It's about when I meet Korean peoples :) this drama happened when my family take dinner on a Chinese-HALAL restaurant. Okay, they come when I'm eating. When I take a look at them*Parents and a son, I thought they were a Chinese people, they look extremely white. A few minutes later, Mama asked me
"Cuba teka diaorang orang Jepun or Korean".
I said
"Japanese people kot"
Mama just keep silent. Let them be lahh, I nak makan and suddenly, his son said
"Omma blah blah blah".
I heared the Omma words. They are Korean people, what the food?! Bila nak balik, Mama stop dekat meja diaorang and she asked
"Korean people?"
and they said
Ada lagii,
"My daughter love to watch korean dramas, she like the actor, what actor"
sambil look at me and I sambung
"Lee Min Ho".
Okayy, blurr gila time tuu, just sempat ingat Lee Min Ho and the wife said
"Ohh, I see".
They can talk in English. Than Mama said
"Hope we can meet again".
Terus gerak, mama cakap
"Why didn't you speak Korean with them?"
Errr, I'm totally blur, Mama memang berani gilaaa, HAHA :)