13 November 2010

Normal Place

He look damn gorgeous and handsome, do ya? What do you think guys? I already save this picture because damnn it, I LIKE THIS PICTURE EXTREMELY! Take a look at his hair dah macam Rob Patt pun ada, serabai gila, but that is the reason why I love this picture. Ahmad Aizad Azizi, yesterday Dolah's asked me not give up easily but past three days, I already give up. I didn't reply your text because I want to stop the "LIKE" feeling. Yes, it's hard for me, because my feeling already stuck at you. You text me everyday but I keep ignoring it. Good for me because I didn't reply your text, I cried a lot! Dear Aizad's, I don't know whether you read my bloggy or not because I already change the URL. I just want to see your face t the normal place next Monday and Tuesday because it will be last days for me and you, our school memory will end soon. Please, I'm begging you, normal place, pass by my class twice and sit at the stairs near my classroom. I will never show up on Friday, pleaseee!