12 November 2010

World Didn't Stop For A Secs

Let's talk about yesterday, I just spend my time at school with reading Malay novels, gossiping, find subject teachers to give them our form four Musytari invitation card, tired. I saw him like so many times. Look! I try my best to forget him but if he keep showing his face how can I forget about him? Don't blame me if I keep looking at him, he the one that you guys should put the blame at. I just waste my time at school yesterday so, I have decided not to go to school today. Wait, forget to share something, Khairuddin, do a short visiting to his old school, which is my school. What the hell am I talking about? Okay, Khairuddin? Hmm, he changed a lot, getting taller and skinnier. He is the one who asked me to be his girl when I'm in form two, but I refused it. He is a nice friend and I hope that the friendship will be lasting :)

Khairuddin is accompanied by Ubai, I was mad with Ubai, saja je gurau gurau and when they want to go to other classes, Ubai come near me and his hand want to touch my face. Cepat-cepat aku elak lah, kau gilaa? I'm a VIRGIN!

While I'm giving Puan Zalina invitaion card, oh wait, she with her son and also a group of form five musytari, Vivek gang, and also Puteri Si Pencuri gang. Can you imagine, dalam empat orang boys, dia seorang je perempuan, tak ada kemaluan kaa? I talk with Puan Zalina and suddenly Puteri Si Pencuri said "Aizad Azizi". Terus aku terdiam. How did she know? I didn't look at her and after that I just walked away. Mind your own business bitch!

Why don't I talk about AAA, can I? Pleaseee. I walked with Arna's to Eris to meet the girls. While AAA's and Azmie's are sitting at the outside of their class. Suddenly, I heard someone shout my name "NAJAH IMAN!". I was searching for the voice and I saw Azmie's is smiling at me and I know he is the one who shout my name. While AAA's? I don't care, oh I should care. He blushing or maybe so shy, I guess. Seriously, I hate you, I hate you damn much!

I just get SURAT AMARAN from school because didn't came for ten days. STUPIDO! Mama just laughing and she act cool. Mama brutal kann :) While Babah? Annoying me,