08 November 2010

Someone That I Miss

Readers, meet Farel Danish. The one that I miss badly. Dear Farel, tomorrow is 9th November, of course I'm counting the day every month, my dear. It's already one year and six month you continued your study at Aussie. Seriously, I'm missing you every day. I always remebered what you said to me but I didn't find any perfect guy at all. I found one but he doesn't take serious with my feeling, I guess. I didn't put all the blame on him, it's not his fault at all, my fault actually. But Farel, to have you beside me, to share my happiness and sadness with you again is my dream. I wish you were here so that you can have men-to-men talk with AAA. Bagitahu dia yang I dah tak larat with my own feeling, god! I'm in-love with him so extreme, but sometimes I think I should quit it. Farel, take care of yourself. I'm miss you, I repeat I miss you Farel Danish!