12 December 2010


I cry last night. I don't know why. Maybe because of what I read, and maybe because when I text Aizad his didn't reply and when I call him he didn't pick it up. I keep saying "Aizad is busy". I keep saying it. I keep waiting and I don't have any mood to take a look at my phone. Nahh, I silent it because I know I will never get any text or call. So, never mind. Aizad is busy. I should not cried last night. I'm too weak. You know what? I'm crying because of Aizad but there's is two person I'm thinking at, my late grandfather and also Farel. I don't know why. When I cry, both of them will come out from my mind. I will remember what they say and what they do to calm me down. They are my superhero. Arna, for God sake, I didn't lie. I said the truth. Trust me(!) Farel is your best friend and also my best friend. Thanks for introducing me to him. I didn't text with Aizad for a day, I still can survive. It's not my fault, I text him, and I call him but there is no respond. Don't blame me(!)