09 December 2010


*ERRR, Sorry Dola :)

Aizad is touching and so do I. I silent my phone, and I'm on the line, updating blog, facebook-ing and youtube-ing. So, after I already switch off the computer, I walked to my room and check whether there are any text or misscall from him. Nahh, he text me around 9.50 something, when I check his text it's already 11. 30. Err, sorry :) He said
"Hey, betul-betul taknak kacau I dah?".
OHMYGOD! I'm so pissed off but still smiling because he is the one who text me first, tahu takut :D Then, I text him, twice. But, there is no answer. I call him a few minutes later. We talked about 10 minutes plus plus. I asked him to treat me teh ais today but he said he can't because he need to accompany Afiq to somewhere. I said to him, if he can't treat me, he must allowed me to borrow his shoes. Nahh, he gave me red light --' FINEEEE! I told him, I will never reply his text for today.
After that, we text-ing. I gave him two options
"Teh ais dua or bagi I pinjam kasut".
You know what, he choose teh ais and he wanna treat me next week. So, I told him
"You pergi cakap dengan kasut you, sayang sangat kan, takpayah belanja I, I minum air suam je".
He replied
"Kasut I takboleh cakap".
Err, stupid jokes :D We text until 12.30 in the morning and I said I already sleepy.
So, his normal text
"Goodnight, take care baby<3<3".
Seriously, he used to call me baby, honey and sweetie. I LOIKE IT! *Blushing blushing