08 December 2010


Did you guys remember about my oldest entry, I want vans new era so badly. Okay, I didn't get it, I want to share about what happened on last Monday. Before we went to Ampang to visit my sick cousin and go to Ampang Point. Mama drove to Petronas Saujana to refilled the fuel and put some "minyak hitam", I don't know, but we stuck at there for 30 minutes. So, I just sit in the car and listen to the musics. Suddenly, I see a car and my eyes get attracted by the car. I keep looking and nahh, what a surprise, Dolah is the driving that car and I see Aizad. I can't get my eyes of that car until it get parked. Then, Aizad walked into the Mesra Petronas and I keep looking at him from head to toe. He's wearing black tee's, short pant and VANS NEW ERA! WOOT! WOOT! That's was AWESOME! When he already get inside the Mesra Petronas, I still look at him. When Mama already drive and suddenly, he look at my car and of course he look at me. I'm sitting next to the driver, who is Mama. But, I guess he doesn't see me clearly. A few minutes later, he text me, first message for that day. We text like normal and I asked him what he doing at Petronas with Dolah. I asked him bravely. I just want a confirmation from him whether he saw me or not and yes he saw me
"Err, kancil hijau tu you ea?"
I just smile replying his text, until Mama get jealous with me. Then I said to him that his shoes are so nice and he so proud -,- After that I asked him whether I can borrow his shoes or not. He said if I be his girlfriend he will borrow that shoes to me. I was like, be his girlfriend? Then I asked him
"Bila masa you nak I jadi girlfriend you?".
He said
"Bila you nak?".
I replied
Suddenly, he said
"Tapi tak dapat kasut lah".
Err, stupid jokes. I didn't take what he said seriously. I should give him more times. So, after that we text-ing normally, happily ever after :)