08 December 2010

What A Night

It's actually start with a a lovely night but because "we" fought an hours ago, it be like a scary night and will end with a tragic nightmare for me, fuhhhh. I text-ing with him like normal, jokes and stories. Firstly, I told him that I'm not gonna text him anymore and he asked me why. So, I tell him the truth that I'm gonna use a new Sim-card tomorrow. Thanks to Ms. Ehem Ehem. Suddenly, he being so emotional. He said that I'm not gonna text him after I use a new number. I was like what the heck? He being so emotional -,- So, I replied and said that he is the first person I'm gonna text. But, still, he keep saying that I don't want to text him anymore. Haiyooo. I'm pissed off and said he is the one who don't want me to text him anymore, just said it, I will never bother you anymore. Sort of. After that he said
"Apaa nie, kalau I emo, you pun emo, siapa nak pujuk dua dua".
Then, I said to him it's okay, I will never text you anymore, sorry, bye. He asked me not to be so serious. But still, I said "sorry, bye" and nahh, we end it. Now, he doesn't text me or miscall or so whatever. FINEEEEEEE! Go on, I will never text you or misscall you and when I see you tomorrow I will pretend that I AM BLIND! *If I'm tough enough to do it,

*Of course I'm tough enough! Control yourself from text-ing him Najah --'