07 December 2010

Leave Me Alone

Sometimes I prefer to be alone, alone in my lonely world. I don't need anyone to cheer me up. No parents, family and also what I called as best friends. It's okay if you don't want to invite me to your party or so what ever. I'm crying right now, crying like my mother is already die. I already said to my mother about our outing plan but what the hell is happening now? NOTHING! I cried like hell because mula-mula mama didn't allowed me to go but I keep begging her and when she already gave a green light, this kind of situation happen? Nahh, bullshit! I already imagine that we gonna watch movie together and karaoke like crazy but it's just my own imagination. Fine, all of you can go with your BFF, you don't need me at all. I don't blame you but it's hurting me. Babah scold me from evening until midnight because I want to hanging with you guys but this is what I get? I love you guys, really I love all of you.

Arna, I'm sorry for saying those words to you. I just thought all of you don't think about me at all. I'm so sorry. Keep hating me, I'm a bad BFF :(