15 December 2010


I'm going to Sunway with my girls tomorrow and also AAA gang and yeah my big brother also --' IDK. But, it will be nice if I watch movie together with AAA, he sit next to me, pffft! Saya sukaaaaaa! Abang already make his own plan, nahh, like I care. Arna's already help me with the outfits, fuuhh. I really can't wait for tomorrow!

Dear Allah, I hope you listen my heart voice, I hope that tomorrow outing gonna be just fine, no bad things happen and yeah hope You will bless our journey to have fun. Amiiinnnnnn :)

Zawin, Syeera, Mia and also Ain Fasihah. I'm sorry, I cannot fetch you guys because Naza is at the workshop so, my mother will send me, Nabilah and also Ain Ruzlan by Kancil. Sorry a million :(

OHGAAAAAAASSSWH! I can't wait to lepak lepak with my girls and also Aizad tomorrow :)