23 December 2010


I miss you :')

You change? or I change? Before this we used to chat and wall-to-wall but nahh, where are you missing? You "gone" hundred percent! I miss the moments will we fought in class, we sleep in class, we talk while teacher is teaching, we eat our bekal, we berebut all the stationery stuff, we will show off each other when we buy new stuff. We walk to Eris' class together and lepak lepak with other girls. N will come to our class and say "Najah, cermin?" or "Arna, cermin?" or "Wey, toilet jum?". I miss every single thing with all of you. You are my friends, my damn true friends. We used to walk to canteen, to class, to Koperasi and also toilet. You will get pissed off with me when I start to ushar-ing AAA. You will listen every single story I tell you about AAA. We will fight in the morning but after that we start to laugh back :) Oh, sweet memories. I miss every single morning at school, I will hear your voice talking and laughing. Duhh, we will get tired bila naik tangga, naik tangga macam naik gunung Everest. My dear friends, I miss all of you. In friendship there's always have sadness and happiness but because of "friendship" we still stick and I hope that our friendship will lasting forever *cium pipi cikit, muahhhh :D

Arna-Afiqah I-Nabilah-Ain R-Ain F-Nurul Farihah-Putry Lee and Iqa Yossry, lots of loveee :)