06 December 2010


OH MY GAWSHHHH(!) I get this information from my messages update on facebook, there's about 68 more messages update I didn't read. My eyes caught an update from Universal Music Studio and also BEAST, 4MINUTE and also G.NA. My dream come true bebeh. 4MINUTE is coming to Malaysia. I'm going to meet HyunA. Thanks God :) Fuhh, but I don't have enough money. How can I get 200 ringgit in a month? Nahh, I don't care how can I get the money, at least I can meet them, wink wink :)

Ticket Prices :-

Platinum : RM 350

Gold : RM200*I want to buy this ticket, it way much better!

Silver : RM120

For further information please click below website :