21 December 2010


WOOT(!) WOOT(!) I miss my bloggy, sorry ya baby, I dumped you without any news, but JYEAHH! I'm back now. Don't worry, after this I will post a-lot-of-lot-of entries, biaq hangpa penat nak baca bloggy aku yang comeyy nie, hukhukhuk*mat rempyt cetail :D

Yes, tiba tiba I mucul with two pictures that make the bag act as the main point. AAA punya bag, punya lah penat I tunggu, today baru dapat. So, I call him after Mama keluar, maybe she going somewhere, nahh, IDK. AAA come and TADAAAAA, dia bagi bag and I say thank you, and bubyee! Err, IDK. Sometimes I felt like I want to move on. Forget about him and also the feeling. The feeling is killing me, and it's hurt. But, after that, I will change my mind and don't want to forget about him. Yeah, this is me :)

Yeayy! So, next year, first day of school, saya pakai bag awak lah AAA, baru ada semangat sikit, pfffft!

Thanks for the bag AAA, lepas awak pergi je, saya jerit jerit dalam rumah, nasib baik abang tak baling kasut dekat saya. Lepas tu, saya senyum je tengok bag awak. Saya suka sangat ada bag awak, sampai menangis :'( Dalam bag awak ada enampuluhsen and perfume, saya ambik ya awak? Thanksss!