21 December 2010


Past a few days, I fought with my family members. I didn't talk a lot with them. I prefer to keep silent and do my own work. I skipped my breakfast and lunch and yeahh dinner also. I' starving, like hell. When I'm hungry I will cry and cry. That is the reason why I rarely post new entry. I don't have any mood, I don't have any cool story. When I don't have any other things to do, I will get into my room, sit around the corner and cry. Yeahh, I will remember every single memories. I will remember about my late grandpa, mister F and also AAA. I will remember what AAA wore last Thursday. He just wore white collar tee's, a black-dark jeans and a Macbeth shoes. Pffft! IDK, I cried a lot. I don't have any mood to face every single day. But now, I'm back to the old Najah Iman. Laugh a lot and smile a lot. Maa, I love you and forgive me for everything I had done to you :)