09 December 2010

Sharing Is Caring

YIPPYYYY! I meet my girls but Arna is not joining us, I don't know why? Still mad at me or what. I'm tired of this kind of situation. Everyone are on menstrual cycle, moody and bad moody. Err, what a life. So, Aizad is not coming, it's okay. I can't push him aite? His just my close friend, but I wish one day the close friend will change into "boyfriend". Maybe one day Najah, one day that you will never expect at all. Fuhhh, apahal nak emo emo nie --' So, Abang is following me lepak-ing with my girls. Haiyooo, get a girl lah big brother, suka ikut my butt, I'm big enough, GRRRR -,- There's only Afiqah putt putt, Nabila tutt tutt, Mia tett tett, Ain Fasihah tott tott, Fazrul boo boo, Hassan futt futt and also Aina citt citt. It's nice when sitting with them and nahh, we talking like didn't meet each other for a year! Most of the stories are about AAA. Mia's, one day you will get a really really nice guy, trust me. You don't need him, he doesn't appreciate you. I f I were you, I will kick his tuttt! Let him go and move on. It's nice when I share with Mia's about AAA. Cerita punya cerita sampai nak terjatuh dari kerusi. OHAMAIGOD! Nasib baik tak jatuh "bedebuk", jatuh sikit je, aiyooo, manyak malu ouhh :D

Right now, I need a phone. Seriously, can any one of you borrow me a phone. Let me use it for a couple of weeks. I need it desperately. Nabilah's, please, I'm begging you, can you help me? :( Fuhhh, I asked everyone but nahh, it's useless. Nabilah's, I only have you right now, pleaseee.
Aizad's already know about this but he can't help me.
It's okay. I just want to borrow it for a couple of weeks. Damnnnnnn! What a tragic life :'(