09 December 2010

Why I Need Him

How is my condition if I'm not text-ing for a day? I'm out of my mind, seriously. It's my routine to text with him, to call him. He is my best friend. But, one day he will go to PLKN and leave me alone, no text or call. What should I do? I'm hopeless without him. What if one day he will said that he already have a new girl and he doesn't want me anymore. What should I do? I'm depend on him to much. I need him twenty four seven. When I hear he saying "I love you", my world stop for a minute. Frankly speaking, when he said those three words, I feel I'm going crazy. I will keep smiling and laughing all alone. He always there for me. To hear my story, nagging, laughing, talking and also crying. I miss when he asked me to not to cry because if I cry, tak cool, tak cuteee. Ohmygod, what if he dumped me because get tired of me. I try to stop from all the negative thinking, but I can't. Dear Ahmad Aizad Azizi, if one day you know the truth about me, please forgive me. Don't hate me. Please let me hear your voice every night before I face the scary nightmare. Your cute voice. Please text with me when you get bored and please forgive me if I always reply your texts damnn late. Please get jealous as usual when I said I want to "cari laki". You will asked me to go and leave you. How cute you are. Aizad Azizi, thanks for the bright light you bring into my world. My world full of darkness. I love you every time the clock ticking :)

P/s : IDk why, I'm so emotional tonight, fuhhh, have to go now. I want to text and call Aizad :)