24 December 2010


Okay you guys, IDK, why you guys get jealous when I posted entry about AAA bag's. Ishh, I get weird with you guys. It just a bag, an EVERLAST bag, a bag that he used before, but seriously, every time I wake up and before I sleep, I need to take a look at that bag. I will keep smiling. AAA, yesterday you asked me "bag I okay ke tak?" I said "okayy :)" He said to me yang ramai jealous with his bag err what I mean is my bag okeh? And I tanya siapa? You said Putry. Nahh, Lee memang pelik, nothing lah Lee, nothing to get jealous with :) Just tunggu first day of school, aku pakai punya lah bag tu, pencil case yang I baru beli dah siap siap letak dalam bag tu. AAA. thanks a lot! I already say it for a million times but, thanks again. At least I have memory with you :')

You also ND, haiyoooo, takpayah lah jealous jealous. Nanti first day of school korang mesti bahan aku :'( and after that, korang mesti dah tak heran nak pandang that bag, takpalah, I still sayang bag I. I already give a name dekat bag tu, but secrettttttttttttt! pfft! pfft!