24 December 2010


Ya Allah, Najah Iman oi, takkan dia like like pun nak jealous tahap dewaaa --' What the heck is wrong with you? He is not your boyfriend, tak faham faham lagi ke? Sukahati dia lah nak like apa pun, dia nak chatting dengan anyone yang dia suka, let him be. You are no one for him, no one!



Okay, I know I memang worse gilaaa, sorry lee. But seriously, I get jealous with it. Najah, please wake up, tak habis habis lagi ke? He is not your BOYFRIEND! Be alert with those word. He label you as no one, you are nothing for AAA.

He just text you because he have to, he chat with you because he don't want you to think negative.

OhMyGuess! What the heck is this? Get jealous with something that totally ri-donkey-lous! So, when I chat with AAA, I said to him "pergi lah like apa yang putry tulis" and err, IDK. I'm done with it. Sukahati lah, malas nak fikir, you have a life and so do I.
Sorry Lee,