24 December 2010


Yesterday morning, I saw you on-the-line but you didn't start to the conversation with me. I guess you so damn busyy, I don't mind at all. I keep waiting you to say hi or something. Waiting is killing. I off-the-line, happiness gone and replace by boredom and sadness. I wait for your text until 2 o'clock, but nothing! Now, you question already have the answer. You asked me why I don't have any mood to reply your text. Because of this MISTER! I miss call you but no respond at all. I text you, did you remember what I send? "Err, sorry". That's it, and your reply "youu, sorrry :/" The apology stand for what? I rasa macam bodoh gila tunggu you text I. I takut nak text you dulu, takut you busy ke apa ke. But, this is what I get. AAA, you know that I like you so much aite? Errr, apahal lah tengahari emo ni Najah, chill lah, nak balik kampung ni :) Sumpah, I taktahu apahal I jealous bila you "like" Putry. I tak puas hati tahap dewa so, I ungkit time text dengan you. I cakap " you pergi lah like every single word yang putry type, pi like banyak banyak, huh". He said "Heyy, kenapa tak habis habis lagi. Putry tu afiq punya, relax lah :)" I DON'T KNOW! DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Please lah Najah, stop think negative! Please, stop it! Lee, sorry again, aku memang macam ni --' and you pun AAA, I'm sorry :'(