19 January 2011

Cry Me a River

I never predict what will happen this week, next week, next month, upcoming February or next year. It's a tough week for me. Frankly speaking it does :') To faced all the problems but what friends are used for, right? They always right beside me, to chill me, to calm me, to wipe my tears, make stupid jokes, make me smile and laugh again, help me to forget my sadness and bring happiness for me. If they are not with me that time, I don't know what will happen. Before that, this entry is so long, make sure that you are free from any job to read this entry. This entry start from what happened on Monday. As you guys know, I can't update my blog during school day :)

On Monday - JYEAHHH! Past four days, I post an entry about sweet memories happened between AAA and I. Bunga bunga cinta lah kan, semua nya elok. Happy bebenor macam there is no end between us and clock stop ticking for us. Ececeyyyy, for past four days lah kan? And know lemme tell ya what happened to a pathetic girl name Najah Iman :) *fake smile.

Saya balik sekolah dengan gembiranya, have so much fun at school. Gelak tak hingat dunia bak kata mama. Mama get pissed off with I bila gelak over loud --' Teruk betul anak dara Cik Mala sorang ni, heeee ;) Around 2, if I'm not mistaken, I text him. AAA kat kampung, still tak balik. So, we text like usual. Kitaorang sepatut nya lepak today but because of hari nak hujan and I takda siapa nak hantar pegi Maju. So, never mind :) I cakap lah maybe lepak on Tuesday lepas I habis merentas desa suddenly he kinda pissed me off "Leceh kan sekolah? Merentas desa semua, hahaha" WATEFAKK MANNN! So, I replied and make him jealous by using FaqrulFahmi name.

I said that I and FF will walk together and sharing earphones etc etc. AAA replied by saying "if korang couple bagi tahu i tau?" and "bila nak couple?". I forget actually, I can't remember all of the texts. Then AAA said he wanna eat so, I don't mind at all. From 2.30 until 8.30. I wait for his text like effing bullshit here -__- I keep waiting, and waiting. Tiba tiba dearest mama yang baru balik from fetch my Lil sister at school, masuk rumah and said "mama nampak boyfriend hang dekat rumah anak kaza, seronokkk!" I was likeeeee what the heck? AAA dah balik saujana and terus lepak. NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I blur gila that time and suddenly my sis whisper at me "mama tipu je lah". Mama will never lie at me, so I asked Mama betul ke tak? Mama said "betul lah, mama takkan nak tipu. Seronok lah diaorang, kau dah kena tipu angah". First person was in my mind is ARNA FARISA! I call her, and she calm me down. Tuition class on 9.00 o'clock. So, around 8.10, I pergi JRJ with kawan kawan :) I cerita dekat kawan kawan I about my situation. Suddenly terkeluar lah satu idea from this pathetic girl, Najah Iman. I suruh kawan kawan I call AAA using my phone. The first all of them saying is "SERONOKKKK?". Sumpah, penat gila kitaorang gelak. Dah lah siap loud speaker. It's a long story actually, just close friends know from A to Z, sorry guys. Private and confidential :) But, the last kawan yang call with AAA cakap memang kerek gila sebab suara dia memang dah macam tu. And dia boleh cakap "suara kau macam pondan, aku tak dengar duh" and also "najah nak nangis tapi dah menangis" ???? Bila last person tu habis cakap and a few minutes later I saw AAA and AEI and AAT come. Dammmmmmmmmmmnnnnn! I and Arna dah gelabah gila babi. Wa cakap sama lu, babi pun tak gelabah macam kitaorang :P AAA terus walk to our table, muka dia gila ah, KETAT! Mata merah, sumpah menakutkan. First word come out from my mouth is "ira mana?". He said "kat rumah". I didn't look at him, I takuuuuuuttt. Kawan kawan tried to chilll him down, make a really stupid jokes that AAA never realize! Kawan I yang keding memang tak pandai cover line --' Suddenly, AEI call AAA then AAA blah pergi dekat diaorang, I'm getting pissed off, so, terus blah from JRJ*dah bayar okeh? I didn't say goodbye or look at him or what ever I should do. On my way to tuition center, I can't hold my tears so, I let it flow freely. I can't control it :')

He text me "Sorry i text you but kenapa yang call i tu kerek sangat?". I replied by "Suara dia dah memang macam tu". He asked the last caller name I but I asked him "kenapa you nak tau? you nak usik dia ke?". BLA BLA BLA I CAN'T FOCUS ON MATHEMATICS -__-'

Before balik rumah, the last caller who is my friend nak say sorry at AAA. So, I let him talk with AAA but the respond is not what in my mind. After that, I text him "he already say sorry and you pun dah dengar suara dia. So, thats all". AAA replied "okayy," WATEFAKKKKKK!

Punya lah penat aku menaip, itu je dia reply. So, I said bubyee and suddenly he asked me whether I dah habis tuition or not. I said "dah, if you taknak text takpa lah, i faham". Hahhh, yang tang ni lah menyedihkan aku, nampak bebenor aku pathetic gila. He replied by saying "bila i dah text you macam ni pulak, kang i tak text you langsung baru you tau" OUCHHHHHHHHHH! Makan dalam gila wehhh, tercucuk cucuk. Takpa lah, nasib kan :( I text with him sekejap je then I don't have any mood to face the night so, I cut it off and jyeahhhh! I cried and cried :')