14 January 2011

Miss May I

I miss you, every time I express that to Lee's. She gonna make face and scold me, haihhh. I just saying that I miss my AAA, that's all. Lee will said "Kau baru jumpa dia semalam, aku ni hah, duduk DC, last Tuesday hari tu aku jumpa" and BLA BLA BLA :D Yeahh, lately, I always lepak lepak with AAA. On Sunday baru jumpa, nak ambik barang Lee's from Afiq Azlan, and I lepak with AAA. Then, on Wednesday, I lepak with him again, even just gave his chocs, kejap je jumpa :( Oh yeahh, he wore my favorite yellow tee's on Sunday. Ohmaigucci, I suka gila tengok dia pakai yellow tee's tu and he wear it without letting me know, saya sayang awak lebih-lebih AAA ;) His hair, I love the most ♥ Apa apa? Serabai? Ehh, I was the one who didn't allowed him to cut his hair short! Saya suka bila dia betul kan rambut dia, rasa nak bagi kaki je, geram sangat, grrrr!


I comment his picture and he LIKE it. Awwwwwwwwwwwww Please, don't talk back about me. If tak suka I post entry about AAA cakap terang-terang, I don't mind at all. I like him since last year, early 2010 until now. Please God, sent me other guy that way much better if he dump me. If I he left me after get a new girl, I don't mind at all. I will be happy for him. I will cry, for sure I do. "That moment when your crush confessed that he also has a crush on you." I don't know whether he like me or not. I always ask myself "Aizad suka aku ke?". I don't have any answer for that question. It's a tough question. What if he dump me a day before SPM, what will happen to me? -____-'


Can you guys see it? It's clear enough! After a week I didn't on-the-line, checking my Facebook, Twitter, Formspring accounts, update my blog and etc etc. What did you guys feel when you guys in my shoes? I dekat tuition and bila tengok his profile and saw he put "I am AAA ;)", I already out of my mind, dah menjerit and Arna's was next to me, just smile. Nahh, I can't tell ya how my reaction is, I already scream my lungs out! I tell to all my girls about this, kinda LOSER? TRIPLE LOSER! Suka hati lah, it's all what I call as memory.

Catch me up on the next entry, loveeeeeeee Najah :)