01 February 2011

Fight & Fought

I waste my tears. Keep crying for a guy that I love the most. Nahh, such a loser Najah, "a guy you love the most?", fucking perfect! So, last night he did not text or call me. Fineeee! I don't know where I get all the tough power from. Maybe from Malik Nor, hehe :D So, I wake up on the morning, no text from AAA except from Hotlink, haihh --' Keep witing, keep switch on and switch off the phone. Let tears runs freely on my cheeks. I thought if I cry I will feel way much much better but what I though is hundred percent wrong! After I stop crying for a minutes and take a deep inhale, I will start crying back. That is my routine for today. Around 12.30 something, I text him, I just send ":)" and you know what, he replied it an hour after that. Okay, fucking pissed me off! "Heyy, i tengah kerja ni. Nanti I break I text you okay. Bubye<3<3". Still didn't forget his double love --' Bukan you dah menyampah dengan i ke? Why, you still gimme hope? :/ Semua orang dalam rumah kena marah dengan aku. Last last, I tidur, penat sangat kan? errr -___-'

I text Arna and yeahh, she scold me :/ But, I miss her a lot! Arna's, seriously. Bila aku dah cerita kat kau, aku rasa way much better. Kau suruh aku lupa kan AAA kan? I try! Kau mesti kutuk aku balik nanti sebab still texting with AAA. At least i will try to forget about him kan? :')

I'm totally down today. And nak online pun macam nak taknak je :/ But, finally. Online jugak siap update blog lagi, haha :D Tengah tengah nak log in Facebook tiba tiba AAA call. Err, ingatkan taknak anwer the phone call but Mama dah bising bising "Hang boleh tak jawab, memekak betul lah. Dengan lagu yang ntah pape ntah". So, kena lah jawab :)

I jawab pun macam nak tak nak "Hmm Hmmm". I don't know what should I say?! I'm fucking pissed off! Kan dah cakap tadi, sedih tau tak? Habis touching gila hari ni, mendung je atas kepala. Nak lepak dengan Nurul pun tak jadi :|
Kalau boleh nak marah marah je AAA but I realize that I'm no one for him so, just act like nothing happen even I my heart broke into pieces :')