05 March 2011

S-S-S-Sugar Daddy

Lately I have been thinking nak buy something for myself using parents money, hehe :P Just buat list je lah kan, nak dapat tu taktau lah bila. But pleaseee babah mama, kalau dapat each one pun cool jugak as my birthday present! :/ Nahhh, I don't put so much hope to get one of them but I imagine that I will get it one day, tsk tsk :( I just want Apple Ipad or Iphone 4, but it cost like damnnnnnnnn, mana parents aku nak cari duit -.- After that I was wondering if I can get Nintendo Wii but when I think twice I already have a X-box 360, tak worth it lah kan? Back to Apple Ipad or Iphone 4, I wanttttttttttttt them so badly babah mama :( I will buy my own phone later, just wait and see. Sugar Daddy gimme money $$$$! ;)