17 March 2011


Yesterday my family is not at home. Big brother go to work. Lil brotha? Stay at home with me? GRRRR After I'm out of creds and I tried to take a nap. Suddenly the phone vibrating. Err siapa siapa lah yang nak call Najah Iman ni --' Ooh big brotha call me. Err boleh pulak call time kerja. I expect that he will ask me to do a favor for him. But first thing I heard is "Abang dengar hang kelar tangan?". Yeaaaaayyyyy! AAA tahu, Mama tahu and now Abang pun tahu :( Ooh yess! Teruk jugak lah kena bebel, pffft! I just do it for no reason. I got stress because of what happened lately. But no worries lover, dah okay dah. Hari tu je pedih sikit. And now tinggal luka je. I felt like all of you really care about me, thank you so muchieee :')