07 March 2011

She Said

"Lelaki ni lain, kalau dia dah betul betul suka dekat seseorang memang dia suka betul betul. Kalau kamu patah kan hati dia, memang dia akan jadi down. Semua nya jadi hancur" - Puan Azlina Ahmad

Just get back from school. Still wearing school uniform ;) I will take a bath later and also my lunch after I take a nap. Feeling tired and sleepy, haihh :/ Back to the quote, after she passed up all Kesusasteraan Melayu papers to classmates. Well I get A-, alhamdullilah :) When she said like that to one of my classmate, Shukry. Out of sudden I think of AAA. I'm confused. He really really love me but what if one day he will dump me because of "something"? Or I will dump him because I HAVE TO! I have a strong reason. Sorry baby, I just thinking about it. I'm a negative thinker --'

Dear AAA, I love you the most :)