12 March 2011

Wish It's Gonna Happen

I and Arna made a plan to go to Sunway with others. Ice skating and stuff, have fun bebeh! But err I don't know whether it will happen or not. Hope that it will be real. Last chilling out and after that will get focus with school. I don't know what is Arna decision yet. Maybe it will be cancel and she will go with her sister and her Subang best friends. I don't know. Ain Ruzlan and Afiqah said they don't want to join us because of "kitaorang nak buat revesion". Darn it! Macam kita semua nak pergi skating seminggu. One day je pun, pergi pun kejap je kut. Pagi pergi, before eight balik lah. Haihh I don't know. While Lee? She change, total CHANGE! I felt it okay dear? Terasa gila ni do :( Kau pun tak boleh nak join because you will go to Bieber's concert. Nabilah? Err I don't know what is her decision. Yes or no? Iqa, she said she will go and she don't mind :) Maybe Arna will cancel it and like I said before she will go with the others :) It's okay. Maybe it's okay right Najah? :') If AAA nak chilling out with you for sure lah AAA kena mintak permission with my mom first. And after that I buat lah deal dengan Mama. Mama send me there ke apa ke. For God Sake, I don't know.