05 May 2011

Ex-Boyfriend Wanna Be My Boy Again?

This entry is about a short conversation happened yesterday at tuition center while we complete English exercise. Fadzly sat next to Zamir and I sat in front both of them. I'm the only girl who attend the English class last night, pfffft! They call me "gagah" and also "Budah sekolah agama". Kuang hajoooo, main kasoooo! -.- hahaha Suddenly, Fadzly asked me, jeng jenggggg :P

Fadzly - "Weh Najah kau dengan Ejad lagi eh?"
Najah - Remain silent for a few minutes and then "Aahh"
Fadzly - "Zamir baru ingat ada harapan nak dengan kau balik"
Najah - Silent into death :|
Fazly - "Sabar eh Mirr"
Zamir - Just keep silent
Najah - Also in the same situation and after that burst into laugh -.-

Zamir change after that. Dia dah tak kacau macam biasa, say hi or smile at me. Okay, I don't take yesterday conversation seriously. But hell yes he change. He used to smile when we meet at school. But not today. Dia buat buat macam tak wujud je :/ I'm your friend and also your ex-girlfriend Zamir. Nak ada feeling macam zaman Form 2 tu err I don't think so. I already have AAA and you know about that right? Please don't change. Be the normal you like you used to be :)