05 May 2011

Go Higher

Let's scream for the super cool English paper yesterday. Rawrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Ngehngeh :P Sorry for the late entry post. Busy sikit lah mak, tadi exam Math kan. So semalam busy buat revision. Everything turn upside down, pfffftt! Do all the exercises, read all the formulas, understanding every single numbers, haihh :/ English papers story please Najah, heee :D

Okay, let's start with paper 1. The directed writing went well to me. When I'm doing the directed writing tiba tiba tersalah tulis so I liquid it and I write back on the liquid mark. Konon nya tulis elok elok taknak bagi comot sekali hambik kauuu, dah tak lawa bila tengok kertas directed writing tu. So I decided to write on the other paper. Terang terang kat situ dah bazir kan masa -.- Ohh forget to tell you guys, essay directed writing tu I need to write an article about way to build self-esteem. We need to put our name after the article tittle aite? Guess what? I didn't put my name I put America Ferrere Al-Fugoso. Hahahaha it's funny but I like it ;)
And also for the 350 words more essay. The section B which is the 350 words and more essay I wrote an ending about "I will never keep your secret anymore". Yes, I'm a story maker so it helps me a lot. It have 4 choices which is

  • The situation of a shopping mall on Sunday
  • Sound
and I forget the other choices, teeeheeeeeeeeeee :D

After recess as Paper 2, well the objective questions are pretty confusing because the questions are I don't know but Alhamdullilah still can do it. Sronok buat exam sebelah Arna, rtasa semangat nak dapat lagi highest markah English, wohoooooo :P The conclusion is English is quite easy and hope it will turn well :)