20 May 2011

How Come?

The late night movie plan already cancel. Due to my dad have some works until midnight. Some Operasi. Ops sikap, ops segala benda, ops I hate you. Merapu merapu -.- Okay he is a JPJ. Apa benda ntah kerja dia, I don't know. That is one of the reason. And one more thing because nak booking tempat pun tak boleh wehhh.


Haih rindu cangat cangat nak jumpew Ohnny Dipp :/ Maybe on Saturday. Okay I don't know. Malas nak fikir. Important thing is I need to buy a Manchester United jersey before 28th. Baru ah meriah sikit nak tengok bola. Baru ah meriah sikit nak tengok MU menang. Baru ah meriah sikit nak "boo" Barca, hikhik :P You go down Barca supporters!