20 May 2011

The Essay Marks

I already got my English essay paper. And guess what? Hehe I got the highest marks in class. 57/85. I didn't expect at all. Serious. On the section A, Directed Writting, I got 31/35 marks. But I'm a lil bit down on section B because I just got 28/50 marks. Fuhhhhh! I better die now. Rasa sedih lah jugak sebab mengaharp sangat dekat Section B. Tapi nak buat macam mana kan. Banyak grammar error lah, haihh :/ But Alhamdulillah, kira okay lah tu kan? I didn't show the essay papers yet to my parents. But I already told mama about the marks. But her respond like jyeahh she didn't care and proud at me :( I told her "Maaa angah dapat highest marks for English essay". She replied "Yelah tu, kertas nya kau tak pernah tunjuk pun". Okay I'm sad. Totally sad. At least she should congratulate me or something else. Err whatever parents, I'm cool enough. Well I'm proud of myself. And my best best girl in class. Arna got 52/85. She the second highest. Congratulation my girl! I love you. Muahhh :* To my favorite classmates, Izzaty & Fathiah. Try you best next time kay? Kira okay lah tu markah korang. Forty something right? I love you both :*