20 May 2011


I'm still not okay for what Aizad had done to me. The Bieber concert day. He asked me to gimme him some time, one day to let him cool down and what so ever. So I gave what he want. But the one day I gave him he used to have hell so much fun at Bieber concert. No text from me so for sure he should not reply me text. No call. Totally I do not disturb him at all. He free from me, fuhh *sigh sigh Last night I decide to make him realize on how to appreciate my feeling. Everything turn well on the afternoon. But no on the evening. After I complete do some revision. Well trial and SPM just a few months forward. After 9.30 we start texting again. At first I feel happy to text him back. Okay I miss him. But he reply my text five minutes late. That's normal for us. Maxis problem perhaps. But I take that shit so serious. Sebab kan Aizad reply text lambat lima minit macam macam benda boleh keluar. And that's why I ungkit pasal what he had done to me. Biar kan dia rasa. When he called me, I block his call. He send so many texts but I ignore it. But still I'm weak to treat him that way. I answer his call. We talk. Tak lama, satu call lima minit. After that I end the call. I'm gonna say "Kbye". Macam ayat wajib. I wanna he know my ego. I cakap kat Aizad yang both of us should rarely text, do not call and no meet each other at all. Cruel enough? I don't think so. After that I talked about break up. For sure he will say no for a million times. I feel pity for him. Tak sampai hati. Aizad merayu and keep merayu. I melted. I explain to him why I did all that to him. I want him to feel what I felt. Sorry for what I did. I love you always and forever Aizad :')