24 September 2011


Hi, I'm back for this weekend. After one months I'm gone. Just a short update. My dad just bought me a galaxie tab. Seriously?! Yes I am. Terkezut tau makkk :p Alahmdulillah. But I don't used it totally. I asked my dad to keep it away from me. AWAY! If I hold it memang no future ah bro :( I'm truly okay with my baby X8. At least still can connect to the outside worldzzz :p Aizad and I? Lama tak update cerita pasal kitaorang en? Last week on Saturday kitaorang pergi One Utama. Izzaty and Aiman Muaz joined us. We had so much fun. Released stress dulu before ambik exam Science on Monday, hihi Sangat sangat happy tak sama macam keluar berbuka hari tu, hmm Ikut kan hati memang taknak jejak dah tempat tu tapi kena jejak jugak. Err I will update all the stories later man. Story about keluar KL dulu, berbuka dulu dulu, keluar release tension dulu dulu, story about Aizad came to my house and I went to his house meet his family. Ouch! But when Najah? Ah I don't have enough time. Can chu wait until I finished spm? Haa berjanggut -.- Haa btw, this upcoming 4th Oct is our anniversary. 8 months together. InsyaAllah kalau sempat, hmm I just thinking nak buat kan cookies for Aizad. So dia boleh makan kat Poli nanti. Dah lah jenis perut stoking. Makan banyak still lapar ayoyo :p But much cute bila bagi dia couple ring or couple tees or couple underwear. Zasss I'm just joking. Will think about it later. Please you, don't go to the massive thing. Jangan clubbing lagi, I'm tired of feeling down with you. Cheer me up or I seriously move on! Even Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens can broke up. What about us?

I'm so envy with Bieber and Gomez. Hempuk dua dua tau ahh :p
Asta Lavista bebeh!