31 December 2011

Dream Come True?

Before this I had posted about a Roxy purse that I want shoo badwy :( Since dah kerja ni, I guess better beli using own money kan? Takkan nak mengharap kat parents and boyfriend. Diaorang still ada benda nak kena beli kena bayar apa semua. I bet my salary for this month about 5oo something. Sebab I start working pertengahan bulan kan? So only one damn thing that I wanna buy. This only damn Roxy purse. All the purse on above pictures have attract my eyes. All purses cost RM 109.00. Will get more discount if pergi dengan Aizad since dia ada member card. Oh I will also buy a Quicksilver t-shirt for my adik, Naufal sebab he will start schooling. Standard one hewhew Dah besar dah adik adik aku :') If ada duit lebih, nak buat surprise for mama, for her birthday this 8th January. Come fast 17th January, I want my salary rawrrrr! :p hehe Going to hit the bed now, tomorrow working on 8 a.m till 2 p.m. Movie with Aizad later ;) xx