11 January 2012

Other wish.

Past few weeks, I went to Sunway Pyramid with Aizad. Watched Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol 2DiMAX. It's the new theater lah kat Pyramid. The differences are the large screen and the audio. Not bad lah the movie. Tom Cruise was major major hot in the movie (Y) Before movie on 6 o'clock. Window shopping dulu lah, since my salary tak masuk lagi. So chillax, cuci mata, tengok Anti Sunway kids, orang ice skating apa semua :p Then we stop by at Quicksilver & Roxy shop. Me want survey purses. Dah jumpa mana yang berkana just tunggu hari, dapat gaji terus pecut beli purse. Well, I need a purse so badly since I got my license L already ngehngeh :p Nak letak new license on a new purse lah kononnya hehe Suddenly Aizad tarik me kat side watches. Dia cakap dia nak beli new watch since his Quicksilver watch yang dia pakai since form 4 dah barai. Bukan barai teruk lah. Bila dia tengah syok syok tengok Quicksilver watches. My eyes get attracted to Roxy watches. Ahhhh semua lawa! Ehh bukan semua, a few of em'. My type jenis yang suka jam bertali bukan yang besi tu. Dulu bila time budak budak. Bila time my birthday je mama babah bought me a watch. Barbie watch, Swatch. But tu semua dulu lah, time tak kisah bila parents bagi hadiah. And now for this year birthday, I will ask a watch as my birthday present.

Bila dengan Aizad dia lah yang bagi views. Mana lawa, mana tak. I said the watch on the picture below lawa sangat. Nampak expensive and elegant lah. Mula mula dia pun agreed with my point. Tiba tiba dia cakap the same watch but different color yang warna gold tu nampak lagi lawa. I also agree. But! I still pick the black one. Sebab yang the gold one nampak cam old folks yang try to be young. Eh yeke? I don't know because I'm staying with my point, I pick the black one ngehngeh :p Sumpah lawa bila tengok depan depan. The price is RM499.

The black

The gold

Hoping that I will get this awesome watch for my birthday even birthday lambat lagi :p 5th June 2012 come fast please! so reader(s) korang rasa mana yang lawa, please tweet me and give your view. I really need your view sebab kalau babah mama didn't buy this watch for present, I will buy using my own salary xx