04 August 2010

What The Heck Is Wrong With Me?

I want to screaming, yelling and kicking someone butt right now! I really don't understand my self sometimes. Look, i already delete all the entries i had post except the day BEAST B2ST came to Malaysia. Just because i read other people blog and found that their blog is much better than mine i made a stupid and fucking moron decision. Oh God, someone can you knock my head to make me wake up from the dream. All the demons whispered in my ears saying 'Annaaa, you have the ugliest blog in the world and we don't understand anything, Fuck off Annaaa, you should delete your blog!' GRRRRR stupid demons, I'll kick your butt in hell. So, people, a big mistake i made will make you guys hate to read my blog, mianhe (I'm sorry in Hangul)