26 November 2010

I'm A Girl So, I Cry A Lot

About the lepak-ing entry? Actually, I want to share every single thing happen but I don't have any mood to continue after this little damnn drama's happened :( I was updating the lepak-ing entry on that time and suddenly I see him comment on Afiq Azlan wall post but not to start chatting with me. Err, I'm fucking pissed off that time. But, still cool. Tunggu lagi, macam orang bodoh, takpe, suka punya pasal kann. Still, takda jugak. Okayy, Fineeeee! Shut the fucking computer and terus masuk bilik. Ehh, tak menangis lagi nie, cool je lagi. Muka memang ketat lahh, takpayah nak cakap, mama nak ajak borak together pun tak jadi. Sorry maa, I'm not in a mood. Cuba korang tengok apa yang dia comment, to me it's so hurt my feeling, at least back up lahh, nie tak, fuck offfff! Lantak lah dengan you, suka hati lah nak buat apa punn -__-' I silent my phone, so, I didn't reply his text. Sakit hati tahu tak, oh, well, still I'm not crying, tough girl nie :) Around 10.45, ingatkan nak tidur nie, nak buat apa lagi, mood pun takde. So, baring baring, pusing kiri kanan, geget comforter, aiyoooo. Phone, dah silent kan, letak bawah bantal, tak check punn even though he text me, lantak lahh. Around 11.10, still tak tidur lagi, apa kena ntah. Last last tengok TV, 8TV Quickie seem nice sebab ada Naqib, oh my goshhhh! Suka gila tengok Naqib, super duper cutee! watch wrestling, err, tahpape tahhh, macam bodoh je. So, sharp, 12.00 am today, I enter my room, nak tidur nie, betul betul nak tidur. But, dammn it, sampai one o'clock in the morning, tak jugak tidur tidur, he call me, but i ignore his call. he text me and said "Sleep already?". Well, Aizad, I also have ego and feeling. Ignore you is the best thing I should do, I guess. I tak tidur punn, tapi I don't why, I taknak reply your text. I think I'm done with you, being a jerk who keep waiting for someone that for sure don't like me, what for? USELESS! And I cry, I try my best not to cry because of you but yes, i cry. Shhhh, keep it silent. He doesn't read my blog so, I can tell you guys that I cry because of him :( IDK, what the hell is wrong with me! Menangis teruk gila, macam ada orang mati, aiyoooo. I sleep around 2 a.m, err, and wake up on 8. 45, because my phone is keep vibrating, duhhh -,- Dah lah mengantuk gilaaa. Five missed calls from you? What do you want in the early morning? Ingatkan still nak ignore him but takboleh duhh, so, i call him about tiga kali, errr, tak angkat punn -,- Okayy, so, I have decided to keep silent for a day :(