13 December 2010


I fought with Aizad today. I want to take dinner so I said to him
"You, I nak dinner dulu, you text lah dengan ain :) take care<3".
I was just joking, sumpah(!) Then he replied
"you nie kenapa? --' Tak habis habis lagi --' Dah lah bye".
No double love? terus bye? I was so shock and suddenly, the tears come out without any invitation card. I walk into my room without answering Abang question. I can't hold my tears, let it go. Sampai hati dia marah I, I gurau je, sumpah demi nama Allah, I gurau je. I nak dia rasa macam mana perasaan I bila dia cakap pasal Anwar, and then dia naik hangin. He text me after a few minutes.
"Youuu, sorryyyy. I gaduh dengan adik I tadi, sorryyyyy"
Dia gaduh dengan adik dia, dia libat kan I sekali. What the fishh?! Nak gaduh adik-beradik, lantak pi hangpa lah, jangan libatkan aku dalam kes hangpa. I didn't reply his text. He text me again 3o minutes later, but I take time to reply it. I reply it after an hour if I not wrong. I don't have any mood to text-ing with him, he keep saying sorry and I said
"Takpelah, I dah biasa kena marah".
When he said sorry again, I said
"Takpelah, malam nie memang malam I kena marah, takpe takpe"
He keep saying sorry and I keep saying "takpe". I reply his text shortly, not in a mood. Then he asked me
"you dah taknak text dengan I kan? :/"
Alahaii, mula lah dia nak emo -,- So, I collect my mood back and text with him like always I do. Nahh, suddenly, sengugut datang, dammnnnn it(!) Mama ask me to sleep and stop TEXT-ING(!) HAHA :)