16 January 2011


- What if one day, ex-girlf you say that she miss you. Then you guys text and etc etc. Suddenly, ex-girlf you mintak couple. And you still love her but at the same time you always texting with other girl. Will you accept her?

ANSWERER - Err, i rasa i tak accept-ex-girls i tu. jenis i bukan nya suka game game orang ni, lagi satu selalunya i tak layan ex-grilf i balik :)

QUESTIONER - If you didn't accept her, will you dating with other girl?

ANSWERER - of course :)

This question and answer session between AAA and i. IDK why tiba tiba nak tanya, soalan ni pun main masuk je without any invitation card. Mula mula macam taknak tanya but saya ni kalau simpan soalan yang begini ghupa lama lama, boleh jadi pening. So, better I tanya kan :)

Quetioner stands for I, Najah Iman :)
Answerer stands for him, Ahmad Aizad Azizi :)

Catch me up on the next entry, loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Najah :)