16 January 2011

The Reasons Why I Love You The Most


- Haha tak tak. Malam ni ada partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Hahaha :P
I - Hahaha seronok lah you. party party then ada awek ngorat you, pffft! :P
AAA - Hahahaha, mana ada lah. Berani dia ngorat. I tak bagi, kang najah iman jealous ;) pffft!
I - Hahaha, najah iman you teruk betul. sikit sikit nak jealous, sayang betul dia dekat AAA dia ;)
AAA - Haha, yang AAA dia tu pulak jahat. Selalu buat najah iman tu jealous. Ish ish :D
I - Tu lah, teruk jugak AAA ni. Kang najah iman touching, memang susah nak pujuk. Najah iman siap off phone nanti :D
AAA - Haha, tau pun. Tension AAA bila najah off phone --' rasa macam nak remabt orang. Haha
I -Hahaha, bila AAA tak reply text najah rasa nak bunuh orang, geram betul najah kat AAA grrr!
AAA - Amboi, lagi ganas najah daripada AAA haha grrr


This is what happen a few minutes ago. Yeahh, we're doing just fine past three days. I already back to the old me. No more negative thinking and jealousy. I try my best to control it. I got jealous with my best best best best friends, nahh, no need to tell ya. Memalukan je --'

My AAA stand with my attitudes, negative thinking, listen to my story and lots of other things. I always make him pissed off. IDK why, maybe because I think he doing just fine even I pissed him off. When he said "okay, chill", I want do it more and moreee! Without care about his feeling.

Dear Ahmad Aizad Azizi, every time I'm on the line, the first thing I will do is take a look at your profile and check whether there is any comment between you with other girl. I get jealous. Yes I do. But when you said "you takpayah nak jealous dengan dia tu", I feel way much better.

Yeahh, right now, bila I taknak makan you will push me to eat, then you will said "sayang you". Bila you yang taknak makan, I'm the one who will paksa you makan sebab you kan alien. Alien kuat makan so, I'm kinda worried bila you cakap you takda selera. Push and push then I will say "I LOVE YOU". You will replied "I love you too ;) but nanti I makan okay". Kinda weird between both of us, LATELY! There's always gonna have "I LOVE YOU & I LOVE YOU TOO".

He always make me jealous, jealous gila babi! But I will reply his text so moody and he will get it what the hell is wrong with me. Gedik! :P

And jyeahhh! One more thing, I really don't like him wearing short when he is not with me. Tak sukaaaaa! Bila dia cakap dia pakai short, I will get annoyed and pissed. I siap warning dia suruh dia pakai short bila keluar dengan I je. Ahhhhh! Suka hati lahh, he is my AAA! ;)

I love you damnnnnnnnnnnnn much much!

Ahhhhhhhh! I miss this place, the moments, and everything happen on 16th December 2010. Maybe it will happen on upcoming 16th December 2011 :) I-L-O-V-E Y-O-U-Y-E-S-I-D-O!

Catch me up on the next entry, loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Najah :)